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Great storytelling with vivid characters!  Feller's stories are about relationships.  Romance, friendship, family, and even workplace relationships are examined.  Psychological and political drama are also frequent themes in these books.  Enjoy the plot twists, sharp dialogue, and challenging personalities whether on the printed page or ebook formats.  Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo, and Diesel!

Conditional Voluntary

Patrick Coyne knows that the Drug Enforcement Agency is watching him, even though his psychiatrist calls it paranoia. Oddly enough, Patrick begins to feel safe as a patient at a mental hospital. He even calms down an angry girl named Justine and thinks his love life might come alive at last. Yet there are reasons why Justine is also in the hospital. Will legally prescribed medication save Patrick from the DEA? And why won't the staff let him have a girlfriend?

The Eighth Deadly Sin

As the 20th Century draws to a close, liberal syndicated columnist Melanie Dvorak has excellent health, more money than she knows what do with, and a supportive if eccentric husband. Yet she is troubled by anxiety and worries that she is out of touch with her readership. A violent encounter at a fancy boutique in Boston's Back Bay gives her notoriety but not fame on her own terms. As her husband Simon Herbst dabbles in independent film production, Melanie explores unexpected avenues to bring her through the tumult of a new age.

Myself to Blame

Frieda Hamel loves men. But when it comes to having relationships with them, something always goes wrong. Beginning in college, where Frieda sheds her past as an unpopular, ugly-duckling high schooler, and on into her thirties as a busy career woman, she either dates men who won't commit to her or who ask too much when they do want to get serious. When Frieda meets an exciting younger man, it could be that the things they have in common are their worst habits. Given the chance to transcend her own misanthropy to do the right thing at her workplace, Frieda's professional reputation and personal safety may both be threatened.

The Courage of His Convictions

Julian Phillips doesn't care to get into the family business of corporate law, as his father would prefer. Instead, Julian's ambition is to direct plays. He affects an air of arrogance and self-confidence that masks a romantic and insecure boy. Julian himself fears that he brings trouble to his lovers of both genders and when he embarks on an affair with one older woman in particular, the resulting scandal could destroy everything his parents have worked for.


© 2012 by Geoffrey A. Feller

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